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Purple Juda go to college at Lyndon State College. The band is Completely Music: Positively Illustrations 2-year career, we put out 3 albums. To date we some songs and been played on the radio almost once. Vanderstank Luxury Media Group left go bye-bye. I stopped him from typing the thing about the medication

Phelix McGraw Cornflakes Jordanesque Sliding Skytongue Hemmitt

Phelix McGraw Cornflakes "The Sliding Skytongue" Hemmitt

INSTRUMENTS: Vocals, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Penny Whistle

Phelix is a composer whose childhood remains a mystery, though he insists he hails from a planet named Japminodjion 7, which he says exists on the corner of Jasmin and High St. in "that one town in New Hampshire that was featured in that one movie that's getting remade soon." In his spare time he enjoys long walks in the woods, short jaunts to the moon, and eating his daily lunch of 37 tamales in a single sitting.

Brodona Oven Pit Floya

Brodona Oven Pit "Galactagos" Floya

INSTRUMENTS: Vocals, Piano, Organ, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Sitar, Synthesizers

Brodona is a multi-instrumentalist who first rose to fame as the composer of hit single "Mrs. N", and later organized the band's 2017 reunion. In his spare time, he likes painting easter eggs and looking suspiciously at bowls of green Jello.

Salice Chives Moonchild

Salice Chives Moonchild


Salice is a singer, confidant of classified information, and source for acquiring music-enhancing chemicals. She fucked up hard and was fired from Vanderstank Industries and detained in their basement for a while, but we'll overlook that.

Charleston Scrubbler Tumaki

Charleston Scrubbler "Lung Buster" Tumaki

INSTRUMENTS: Guitar, Pornography

Charlie, I don't even know what to do with Charlie. We literally can't even tour with him because he insists on setting everything on fire and refuses to wear clothes most of the time. Honestly, we're not sure why he's even here. Except that he wrote an excellent single called "The Fucking Sexy Dutch Delegation."

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