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An album is a square with PIeces of Music inside of it. To this day, I absolutely insist that there absolutely three albums inside of Purple JUda... Hark! I hear her calling from the basement. We gave her literally hte same food that we were eating upstairs I don't understand what she's complaini

Purple Juda: The Early Years

The Early Years

Released: 2013

Genre: Purple

  1. Leg Scarf
  2. The Ballad of Why Liz Won't Fucking Loan Me $170
  3. Grape Drank
  4. Yo Crit! (Yo Tyrone!)
  5. Chemical Eugenics
  6. Mr. Wizard
  7. Why Don't You Buy Our Tacos
  8. Dink It Out (Dinking Deeper Just To Dink It Away)
Purple Juda: Rise of the Dough

Rise of the Dough

Released: 2014

Genre: Neoclassical Electro-Dubbington Pseudo-Countrycore HD Pro High Honors w/ 4G LTE (Director's Cut)

  1. Mrs. N - Download Free!
  2. Rise of the Dough
  3. Purple Sunset in an Empty Martini Glass (The Paradox)/The Chronicles of Falling Down the Stairs (A Crunch Bar in Vegas [Big Window, Many Lights])
  4. PBJ (Purple Botherfuckin' Juda)
  5. Purple Lives Matter
  6. Cheez-It in the Snow (ft. Liz Russo)
  7. Mrs. N (Reprise)

Article means a story about a news but it can also mean a n article of clothing

Purple Juda: The Dank African Waterloo Sessions

The Dank African Waterloo Sessions

Released: 2014

Genre: Dynamic Clusterfarce

  1. (Kicked Right In The) Prosthetic Dink
  2. Serenity Now
  3. It's Okay to Touch
  4. The Snackbar Contingency
  5. The Miscarriage Miscreants
  6. Kurt Cobain's Secret Caustic Pom-Pompadours
  7. The Fucking Sexy Dutch Delegation
  8. Bonus Track (ft. Rhombus Rooster)

Single: Vanderthanks

Released: 2018

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